SUBARU Special - every year a new car

SUBARU Special - every year a new car

With the Euroloppet „SUBARU Special“ car-supporting program, all Euroloppet Passport Holders can profit, who wants to use the advantages of  a perfect winter and outdoor car from SUBARU and wants to save special financial advantages.
You can also profit with the Euroloppet SUBARU Special complete rate:

Easy to calculate- the price-performamce ratio: unbeatable

  • incl. Car tax and car insurance
  • 12 months contract period

The concept of the Euroloppet „SUBARU Special“ car supporting program is unbeatable by the advantages for Euroloppet Passport Holders.
Drive a new car each year and profit from a cheap complete rate.

  • monthly rate incl. insurance and taxes
  • Customer support with personal guidance fast processing
  • Contract for 12 months with high security in planings by a maximized flexibility
  • †Incl. transfer and license costs
  • yearly option for a new car
  • annual kilometrage: 15.000 km
  • †incl. VAT
  • no payment of commission and salvage value

Euroloppet Service:
Phone.:+49 (0)9941 941414

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